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36wks pregnant and can't sleep - any tips???

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Tigerlily1 Wed 21-Oct-09 16:14:42

I can not sleep properly and it is making me feel really ill at this late stage!!
DS who is 2 and a half has just started sleeping better and now he's fast asleep while I'm tossing and turning and can't sleep all night! Only 4wks til new baby, I could do with some good nights sleeps, does anyone know any remedies? Pharmacist and midwives say nothing you can take in pregnancy. Help, anyone?? xx

nosferartifartu Wed 21-Oct-09 16:42:06

Are you well supported? I had one of those Dream Genie body pillows when pregnant and it made a huge difference. I also had a lavender pillow as I always find that lavender helps me sleep (some people say not to use the oil when pregnant but dried in a pillow is okay). I also had a hypnobirthing CD which always used to send me to sleep!


Tigerlily1 Wed 21-Oct-09 16:52:29

Thanks Nosferatifartu - great name by the way, yes I have 2 V pillows and that does help slightly. Have not tried lavender but will do that tonight if I can.
I had a hypnobirthing cd last time and I was all into the idea of a hypnobirth - used to send me to sleep too. Ended up with a hideous emergency caesarean though so don't know how reliable they are for births!!
Will try some lavender and also my midwife said nutmeg in milk so will give that a try too. Just can't wait to get the baby out now!!!

nosferartifartu Wed 21-Oct-09 17:05:17

Haha, I also ended up with a hideous emergency c-section, Tigerlily1, despite listening to that bloody CD for about 25 weeks non-stop!

Lavender definitely worth a try. Someone also gave me a Boots pamper-yourself-when-huge pack - there was a small 'relaxing' spray in it with the usual suspects (lavender, neroli etc.) and I also used to spray that about my pillows liberally. If you're near a bigger Boots, might be worth a look?

You're nearly there! grin

FrameyMcFrame Wed 21-Oct-09 18:13:13

Boots do 'sleep cones' little cones that you stick on to the pressure points in your wrists that are supposed to aid sleep. Work brilliantly for me!

pippa251 Wed 21-Oct-09 20:48:29

I've been there and its crap isn't it?

I found a pillow on each side of me so i could roll without waking myself up was brilliant. A few other things that I did which helped are pint of water by the bed, regular bed time, repacking my hospital bag- always put my mind at ease and a wide open window- a cool room always helps me sleep.

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