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I need some advice on getting 5 month DS to sleep longer than 2 hours at night.

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FrightNightFebes Wed 21-Oct-09 10:05:13

My DS is 5 months and is a good healthy weight. He has been exclusively breastfed and has always slept well, in his cot, between feeds. I have a 2 yo DD who sleeps really well 7-8 most nights and has alway slept pretty good. The problem is DS seems to wake about 4 times in the night and I have been feeding him to sleep but he is now 5 months and he doesn't need to feed so often. I am also finding he isn't very interested in his morning feed so I need to change that.

A typical night was sleep at around 7 (put in his cot sleepy but awake). Woken for a dreamfeed at 10.30 but sometimes he wakes before I get to him. Feed at 1,3,5 and 7.

I have been trying to space out feeds for 2 weeks now.

Last night he went to sleep at 7 then woke at 10 so I fed him. He then woke at 3, I tried to settle him but then fed him at 3.30 when he wouldn't take the hint. He then woke at 4.45 so I tried to settle him with shushing, patting, music lullabye thing and when they all failed I gave him to DH at about 5.45 to cuddle back to sleep. He gave up so I fed him at 6am. Then of course he slept till 8.

I'm getting a bit down about it. I do not mind feeding him at 11 and 3 as that is 4 hourly and I'm happy to do that until he is estabished on solids (at which point I'll get tough on those feeds if he hasn't dropped them.) But waking every 2 hours is not neccessary and I need to stop it for my on sanity but also it mucks up the day ahead as we are having very lazy mornings and I have been slack at getting out and about. I do go to toddler group on Thursdays but I was going to something most days before. I am finding that due to tiredness I am doing the bare minimum- cooking dinner, a bit of housework, trips to the supermarket, the odd trip to the park. I feel bad for DD mainly.


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