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sleepless nights

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Rois Mon 13-Jun-05 15:55:03

Hope somebody can help, my DS is 9mths and has an awful head cold which is keeping us all awake. Cant breathe through his nose as its either stuffy or runny and this is a major problem as he sucks his thumb so hes getting really upset cos he cant do that and breathe through his mouth at the same time. Ive tried calpol, karvol, balsam and even dozol to no avail. The dozol helps him sleep but hes always awake and screaming by midnight. Anyone any ideas?????

otto Mon 13-Jun-05 15:58:18

Have you tried Medised? It contains a decongestant, so it should help for a few hours. Also, tilting the mattress is supposed to help too, but I've never found it helped much. What's dozol?

Hayls Mon 13-Jun-05 16:00:51

You can get a Karvol plug in, which I found was really good. I plugged it in 1/2 an hour before putting dd to bed and it filled the room. I also kept it on during the night. If you unblock his nose before bedtime (steamy bathroom?) this should help keep it clear through the night. I can't remember how much it was but it wasn't too much- you buy refills for it (each one lasts 3 nights) so it lasts forever

Rois Mon 13-Jun-05 16:02:59

Dozol is a syrup that contains a mild sedative, its supposed to help with fevers,teething,colds,flu etc, Is Medised a syrup,Ive never heard of it, tried the mattress trick aswell, did nothing

otto Mon 13-Jun-05 16:04:42

Yes, Medised is a syrup too. Sounds similar to dozol, but probably worth a try because of the decongestant.

Rois Mon 13-Jun-05 16:10:09

Thanks, is he old enough to have it, the chemists couldnt give me anything else as hes too young yet

bandbsmum Mon 13-Jun-05 19:47:43

Yes Medised is suitable from 3 months. Dosed my dd up with it tonight as she's got a chesty cough and has started sneezing today.

ambrosia Mon 13-Jun-05 19:50:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

donnacb Mon 13-Jun-05 21:52:58

I know this may sound cruel but you can squirt small amounts of saline up your little ones nose. This tends to make them sneeze and unblocks the nose for a while. Althouh does tend to build again. Also use olbas oil on sheet. Seems to work well. hope you get some sleep

Frizbe Mon 13-Jun-05 21:55:01

Yep olbas oil does the trick nicely, also propping the mattress up from underneath helps.

Bellie Mon 13-Jun-05 21:59:42

Saline worked for my dd along with Karvol on a hanky in the room

Rois Wed 15-Jun-05 13:48:24

Thanks guys, mission accomplished!

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