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What to do with 3 yo dd????

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longhardlookinthemirror Tue 20-Oct-09 21:40:25

She has never been a very good sleeper from the word go, has always woken up through the night. DS was always so good and responded really well to the techniques we used...but it's just not working with dd!! DD seems to come alive as soon as she hits the pillow... we've tried all the 'winding down' techniques there is to no avail! I've taken away tv, treats, pudding, favourite toys. She then promises to be good at bedtime, but when bedtime comes it all goes out the window and she couldn't care less. She hasn't had tv or any of her other favourite things for 3 days now and as tonight is not going well either it's looking like it going to be 4!!!

What else can I do? Any tips from anyone please...

CJCregg Tue 20-Oct-09 21:51:13

Hi, my DD is just four and exactly the same. See this thread

I have a divorce thrown into the mix, but still find it reassuring to hear that it's not just me.

I've been revisiting some calmer parenting techniques and searching the internet for advice this evening as a result of a nightmare 2-hour bedtime. Going to go back to descriptive praise, building her up for things she does do rather than criticising bad behaviour etc, and I read something really interesting about it probably not being just bedtime. Apparently they're likely to play up during the day as well, we just notice and engage with the bedtime scenario much more because we're tired by then (and the little darlings know our defences are down!).

Anyway, I wish you luck and I feel your pain. Keep posting - maybe we can at least give each other some support.

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