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9 month old sleeping issues...

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LesleyJames Tue 20-Oct-09 06:48:42

We have a nine month old girl (Olivia) who is going to be after a full bottle (Aptamil 2) around 7pm... she used to sleep until around 5am (although she has always been a fairly restless sleeper) but has now taken to waking between 11-1am and demanding more food. She then goes back to sleep until 3-4am and wants another bottle! We have tried giving her water instead of the food but she just screams for food. She eats well during the day and is having everything that she should in terms of quantities and dietary requirement. We also have a 30 month old boy (James) who has always slept through the night and has never required feeding in the night since he was 8 weeks old. Any suggestions gratefully received as we noth work full time and the night-time is becoming a real horror! Thanks in advance

tori2000 Tue 20-Oct-09 18:48:46

Hi, m daughter Olivia is also 9 months old. I had this problem with her a while ago so I started feeding her the solid meal at around 6.30 (when my husband comes home so he could be part of it) then bath and bed then at around 9.30-10.00 ish I give her a dream feed. She then sleeps through until around 6 ish. Not sure what your routine is but may be worth giving it a try? I totally understand the tiredness! love tori2000 x

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