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How many layers does your baby wear under a sleeping bag?

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EightiesChick Sun 18-Oct-09 00:57:35

Have been putting DS into his grobag in just his vest but I have been thinking he needs more, certainly now it's cooler. DH is a hardy soul who feels the cold less than I do, whereas I am a three-cardigans type, so he thinks one layer is fine. Sometimes he's has cold arms when he wakes in the night, but then again I know overheating them is bad. Today read in magazine it should be vest + babygrow, then sleeping bag. What does everyone else do?

TheDevilsKnickers0nMaHead Sun 18-Oct-09 01:01:06

In summer, Just a vest under.

In winter, a vest and sleepsuit/pjs.

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Sun 18-Oct-09 01:01:12

DS is in a 1.0 tog grobag in just long-sleeved PJ's. On the other hand, a friends DS is in LS vest, sleepsuit, 2.5 grobag + duvet.

Depends on the sprog..

How old is he?

EightiesChick Sun 18-Oct-09 01:02:47

9 months, and it's a 2.5 tog bag. The room is not that warm IMO either.

TheIggorcist Sun 18-Oct-09 01:05:26

Hi there, did your grobag not have instructions about this? Based on the room temp and the grobag tog - it says things like "shortsleeved vest", "long sleeved vest" or "pyjama top and bottoms" with different temps next to it. Try the grobag website, it might help. Mostly I used a long sleeved vest (only used short sleeved ones in height of summer) but then again I've no idea how hot your room is! Here's a link to the page on the grobag site that should answer your question (hopefully)

EightiesChick Sun 18-Oct-09 01:17:51

Thanks for the replies and the link. I have no idea where the thermometer is! Bought from bump to 3, I think, so would they still have sent one out or would you only get them buying direct from Grobag? More likely I have just lost it blush I will have to search but seems more like the weather merits another layer. He is in a long sleeved PJ top tonight plus vest. Didn't put PJ bottoms on as assumed the bag would warm his lower half enough.

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Sun 18-Oct-09 01:18:47

OP - personally I would put him in a SS vest and a sleepsuit, plus grobag. When it gets colder switch to LS vests.

He's old enough that he'll let you know if he's too hot/cold For the first couple of nights just check regularly, he'll be fine

TheIggorcist Sun 18-Oct-09 01:39:42

You must (IMO) get a thermometer though, how else can you really tell? Any room thermometer would do, try mothercare or argos even. They come in the grobag packaging, I've had about 7 to date!

TheDevilsKnickers0nMaHead Sun 18-Oct-09 01:51:16

I don't think a thermometer is a must tbh. He is old enough to let you know if he is too hot/cold and you can just put your hand on his chest/back/forehead if not.

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Sun 18-Oct-09 01:58:03

you don't need a thermometor,

If his arms and forehead are cold when you do to bed then he needs more layers.

We put a blanket over DS when we go to bed, this councides with the heating going off.

Don't worry... you'll figure it out in no time

EightiesChick Mon 19-Oct-09 00:41:11

Have now got a gro egg thermometer from a friend - this was promised a while ago but I've only just got it. Says just 16 degrees in the nursery so am right to use PJs plus a vest. Will see how that does him. Thanks again. It is fricking freezing now, I think, and have turned the heating up today! smile

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