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night terrors - any explanation?!

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YouCantTeuchThis Fri 16-Oct-09 16:59:16

I ask because I have noticed a peculiar pattern to DS1 (3.10) sleeping/night wakening habits.

It tends to be cyclical; he can be fine for a month or so, then when they start they go on for between 3 and 10 days.

When I check him before going to bed, I sometimes sneak a wee kiss, and always feel his temperature, as he is a sweaty sleeper.

On the nights he has nigt terrors, I notice a pungent body odour and/or strong breath that is not present on the other nights I check him hmm

I thought that this could be dehydration? It doesn't necessarily happen when his room is too warm, or him for that matter.

Just curious...

Blu Fri 16-Oct-09 17:03:06

DS had night terrors when he was feverish or over-tired or ill. Is the smell that infected sinuses catarrh-y smell?

I would check with the GP, I think, and describe the smell.

anonymous85 Wed 28-Oct-09 14:33:40

I had them as a child and it was whenever I had a temp. I'd wake up screaming and screaming and there was no way of snapping me out of it, and I wouldn't remember it happening when I finally woke up - snapped out of it. Excpet one time I remember feeling really really overwhelmed and there were number and graphs getting bigger and bigger and I felt overwhelmed by it all. Weird. I grew out of them - thank goodness! I remember my mum having to see my teacher and telling her all about it incase I fell asleep in class.

My DD has had a couple crying ones which I believe are like terrors, and it would go for ages - I remember timing one and it was 40 mins, continual crying and crying that would not stop - so draining. I did find with her last one singing softly helped. And I have tried clicking quietly like in a slow one and two... to try and get her to concentrate on the sound.

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