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Swaddling and dummy in 6 month old..advice please old hands :)

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mathshoneybunny27 Fri 16-Oct-09 15:53:09

DD2 has always slept well, and can self-soothe during naps and at night very well. She has been swaddled with dummy frm birth for naps and bedtime and goes down really well. (I know...I'm not complaining, she's amazing..). She sleeps from 7/8pm at night until a dreamfeed at 10.30ish, and then has been known to sleep through until 7am. Problem is, ever since teeth appeared two months ago she has been wakeful about 4-5.30am. She doens;t need feeding (tried that and anyway she has plenty during the day), she has a drink of water but not especially fussed. At the moment we are going in and replacing dummy to try and encourage her to settle...we did it about 10 times this morning . She is talking, whingeing, crying...we don't rush in, but wait until it seems obvious she won;t settle without help. Wondering also whether this is related..she is still swaddled, although occasionally gets out. Have tried one arm out and sleeping bag but she seems very upset and unsettled.

Phew! Sorry for length. I know this is a VERY minor problem but it's causing some major arguments betwen me and OH . Any advice very gratefully received...

StrawberrySam Fri 16-Oct-09 16:59:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mathshoneybunny27 Sat 17-Oct-09 10:24:55

thanks better today, between 5-6 only

bippyhippy Mon 19-Oct-09 20:37:03

Try replacing teh dummy before she normally wakes for a few mornings. I did this with my 8 month old and it broke the habit of waking.

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