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when do u know the 1st am nap can go?

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hermykne Sun 12-Jun-05 09:43:28

ds naps at 9.30 or so for 25mins (wakes himself) then naps for 1hr 45 at 12.30/1pm, but this morn does not want the 1st nap, he is 10 1/2 mths,
should i keep up now til 12 or as close to 12.30 as poss?

Fran1 Sun 12-Jun-05 09:49:38

? Thats pretty hard to answer.

Is he tired? If he'll survive til then then yes i'd keep him up.

But only his Mummy will know best

hermykne Sun 12-Jun-05 09:53:02

he looks it but not acting it, playing with older dd

Lonelymum Sun 12-Jun-05 10:52:06

I would keep him going until you can't keep him going any longer but certainly no later than his normal 2nd nap time.

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