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dealing w wriggling, 5m

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2jamsandwiches Thu 15-Oct-09 14:52:40

DD is 5m, and has started to wriggle around madly in her cot, and once she's got her head pushed hard up against the side of the cot (ie is lying sideways, not lengthways) will howl until she's moved (and usually also cuddled and fed and sometimes dummied...)

What's the best thing to do? To leave her be (I don't think she's in any danger sideways on, she fits across the width of the cot)? Or to put her back straight? Is there any way of discouraging the wriggling? She's not really rolling yet, and certainly not doing so in the cot.

ruthosaurus Thu 15-Oct-09 23:34:00

Hi and congratulations on your DD learning ace new skills! Not that that is much consolation when you are terminally sleep deprived. Sorry.

This probably isn't any help, but my DS is now 11mo and I do remember this phase. He stopped doing it when he learned how to roll over, which wasn't much later so I think it's just part of how they learn how to move around. It drove both him and me crazy, though, especially when he used to get his feet stuck as well. Arrgh. I used to put him back, cuddle, feed , dummy, ANYTHING to get him back to sleep... Still do, mind.

You and your DD have my sympathies but it will pass. Then she'll learn how to stand up in her cot, which is lots more fun for her but not if, like my DS, she learns that before she learns how to sit down again. Kids, eh? Good luck!

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