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How much sleep would you think is ok for 8.5mo?

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Warwickmum Mon 12-Oct-09 15:14:52

I know babies are all different so there is no hard and fast amount they should sleep but just wanted to check this as my DS seems to be tired quite a lot of the time - or at least that's how it seems.

In general he sleeps 7-7 and during the last month or so he has woken once (sometimes he need feed, sometimes not), or a few times twice, but think this to do with first two teeth coming through. Once awake and had bf in morning, some days he will go back to bed for between 30-60min. Other days he wont. This morning he had 30 min. He then had hour and half from 10.30am to just after 12 (which also meant he missed his 11ish bf). Lunch at 12.30ish and then had bit of a play and was about to go for walk to shops about 2 when he obviously wanted a sleep and went straight off when put him in his cot. He is still asleep at mo (3.15) so guessing he may be going for another hour and half in total again. He probably wont have another sleep before bed which he just about makes it to! I know it doesn't seem like he is sleeping every 5 min, but just want to make sure this still seems ok for his age - my DH is a bit worried he not getting enough iron (we are veggie but he does get full range of iron rich food etc).

pinkyp Tue 13-Oct-09 02:32:02

My little boy use to sleep for around 9 hours on a night but then he's had 5 hours in naps during the day (2-3 hours morning and 2 hours on a afternoon).

ches Tue 13-Oct-09 03:13:35

My DS had three naps of about an hour each at this age and slept 6:30pm - 7am with about 20 night wakings in between. hmm

Warwickmum Tue 13-Oct-09 21:15:44

Thanks. Today he woke up about 7.15 (after waking at 2am until about 2.45), went back to bed at 9 and slept until 10.30, then back to bed at 12.30 until 1pm and then back to bed at 3pm until 4, so basically having a sleep about 2 hours after he last woke up. I'm sure this amount of sleep is ok from other comments, it just feels that between sleeping and feeding that we don't get much chance to do much else a lot of the time and I just worry a bit at times that he isn't getting enough stimulation? When do babies tend to reduce daytime naps?

pinkyp Wed 14-Oct-09 01:24:48

well my little boy is 2&1/2 now and he still has 1 nap, has 12hours on a night and 1-2.5 hrs during day, dont worry, they'll gradually drop there naps when there ready.

Warwickmum Thu 15-Oct-09 12:55:10


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