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Help needed with lunchtime nap

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SlightlyDoolally Mon 12-Oct-09 13:27:21

OK, I know this is old territory, but I just cannot get my DS (6 months) to nap in his cot in the daytime. Never have, and have tried for a while now.

At the moment, he will only sleep on the move in the car or in the buggy (or on very rare occasions his swinging chair which he has nearly outgrown). As the winter approaches, I think I need to crack him sleeping in the cot. Also, on some days I am walking him for 4 hours in the buggy (over 3 naps) and I can't keep that up!

He currently sleeps in the day 3 times: 9-10, 12:30-2 and 4-5. I have consolidated these times over a period of months, aiming to get him used to sleeping on the move at these times ready for getting him to sleep in the cot at the same times.

I think he's nearly ready to drop the final nap, as he doesn't always sleep very long during it, and I quite enjoy an early buggy walk in the 9-10 slot, so it's just the lunchtime nap I am working on moving to the cot.

At the moment we have a fixed routine: he has a BF and some lunch, then we read a couple of quiet stories. Then I put on his sleeping bag, darken his room, put on the music he likes to sleep to, and sit with him until he falls asleep. Occasionally he will just grizzle for a bit then drop off for 5 mins (then wake up again and scream), but mostly he screams and screams until he's sick. I have tried different music, white noise, a mobile to look at - everything I can think of. I never leave him to cry, I always sit with him, but don't interact with him because I want him to fall asleep on his own.

At night he falls asleep in the same way no problem (although he does still wake quite frequently in the night). But we can always settle him at night eventually, even if it takes half an hour or so - yet daytime naps always fail.

Does anyone have any advice to offer? I can't think what else to try and am so tired from all the walking (plus the sleepless nights)!


purepurple Tue 13-Oct-09 07:54:13

Have you tried patting?
Do everything as you are doing, then put him in hid cot and pat his tummy.
You can stroke too, in a big circular motion on his tummy.
Or stroke his face in a downward motion over his eyes, closing his eyes as you do.
This is the method used in nurseries.
Good luck!

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