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Amby Natures Nest

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againandagain Wed 07-Oct-09 21:51:00

Has anyone used them?? Did they help? Does anybody think they may be a good transition sleeping arrangments from co-sleeping to cot? At the moment 8week DD hates her moses basket and cot so we have been co-sleeping but not out of choice!
Thanks in advance

elk4baby Thu 08-Oct-09 17:44:32

We've used ours for daytime naps and it's been great. The 'rocking' motion tends to calm the baby. He found it really comforting and would actually enjoy being in it even when awake.
Not sure about transition from co-sleeping, as we've never really consistently co-slept (just occasionally). But I think as with any bed arrangement change, you just need to take it slow and try to provide as much 'continuity' as possible - i.e. put your the sheet you sleep on now in the cot (babies are very receptive to smells, especially when they're this young), put your pillow next to her... you get the idea. Yes, pillows are not 'supposed' to be used in cots, but all you need is for your LO to fall asleep ^on her own^ in the cot with you watching her and comforting her if she needs it. Once she's comfortable, just remove the pillow. If she's used to co-sleeping, my guess is she's used to having you next to her, so try to distance yourself gradually and make sure that you're right there at the first peep. Maybe try 'side-carring' for a few days - i.e. put her cot next to your bed, so at the first whimper you can stroke her with your hand or just place your palm under her cheek (really helps my LO).
Hope this helps a little.

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