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6mth old - suddenly dependent on rocking to sleep... HELP!

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KvdM Wed 07-Oct-09 15:33:24

Am having problems with my 6mth old. She had been pretty much sleep trained and was settling herself in about 10-15 mins in the evenings... Recently she has been dependent on falling asleep during a bf - try to keep her awake but it doesn't work, waking after about 45 mins with terrible wind (cant get the wind up after feed as she is so deeply sleeping), then needing to be rocked back to sleep by me (if OH goes in and tries to settle her she screams blue murder)this happens about 2-3 times before she settles properly. If we put her back into bed to settle herself she screams until she makes herself sick... I really don't know what to do.
Any advice would be appreciated!

Hulla Sat 10-Oct-09 20:00:09

It'll probably pass KvdM, my dd was always fed to sleep but this week she crawled over to me, put her arms out to be picked and just snuggled to sleep on my knee. I'd tried to feed her 5 mins before but she wasn't interested. She needed no encouragement to do this, she just seems to have grown out of feeding to sleep and this is what she wants now.

She changes all the time and has changed so much since she was 6 months (shes 8.5 months now). Your dd will probably just start doing it again without any guidance from you.

I wouldn't worry about self-settling if rocking or feeding is working. Whatever works, she'll self-settle eventually and there is no point in her crying until she's sick or you getting stressed if its not working (I am a bit of an anything-for-an-easy-life kind of person!) smile


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