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Cot bed duvet or single duvet? & what tog?

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GreebosWhiskers Tue 06-Oct-09 16:57:14

DS will be 3 next month & is still sleeping in his cot with blankets. DH & I figure it's time to turn it into a toddler bed but I'm not sure what bedding to give him.

It's getting bloody parky at night for just blankets & he slept happily under a duvet on a single bed on hols last week so I'd like to get him a duvet but not sure whether to get a normal single one or a cot bed one (I'd have to order that online as there's nowhere round here sells them). I'm also not sure what tog to get as I've seen the cot bed ones at 4.5 or 9 tog & that seems like a huge difference.


Seona1973 Tue 06-Oct-09 19:38:54

the maximum recommended tog for a cot bed is 4/4.5tog but with a single bed it is 10/10.5tog so if your lo has a cot bed I would get a 4 tog cotbed duvet or single duvet. Explanation given here (from bumpto3 website):

Do not exceed the maximum recommended tog duvet, which is 4 tog for children in cots or cot beds and 10 tog for children in single beds

Because the size of the cot bed is smaller it automatically retains more heat when the child is sleeping, however, the larger surface area in a single bed means the child only heats the area he/she is sleeping in, therefore, a higher tog rating is required on the single bed size.

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