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Help - 12.5mo DD getting worse at sleeping

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cbmum Tue 06-Oct-09 10:38:43

DD has never been a great sleeper but in the last 6 weeks things have got worse. By the end of July she was, about once a week, sleeping 7.30-6am. DD has had lots of changes in the last 6 weeks. We moved house, then went away for a week, back for a few days, then away for another week. The end result is her sleeping is rubbish and most nights she ends up in our bed as I can cope getting up to her once but the second time kills me.

She will only go to sleep if cuddled. I've tried most things but they don't work. Sometimes at night this can take 30-40mins.

More recently she has started to walk and move around lots more at night in her cot. She often wakes because she has got herself twisted 90 degrees and is lying width ways in her cot and has got her head wedged between the bars! Last night she did this twice in the space of an hour.

Any bright ideas? The only night in the last 6 weeks that she has slept through was when visiting a friend and she slept in their travel cot. But then on holiday in that travel cot she was terrible.

Am I being mad to hope that there is a solution I haven't thought of or should I resign myself to her being in our bed for many months to come.

FYI - neither I nor my H were good sleepers. I apparently woke until I was 6 and he did until he was 3. Maybe it's inherited?

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