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2yr old started waking screaming in the night

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Zeeky Mon 05-Oct-09 07:39:40

DS is just over 2 and has been sleeping through consistently for the last year.

When he turned 2 we decided it was time that he ditch his dummy, which he usually only has for sleeping, but sometimes (such as when we are on long journeys or on holiday) creeps in to him wanting it all day. So last weekend the Dummy Fairies paid a visit and took all his dummies away. He was really good about it, and proud to be a "big boy".

Night times have been great until Friday when he woke up screaming the place down at 5am. He did the same on Sat night around the same time and last night twice at 3.30 and again at 5.30am. We're not sure if it's the lack of dummy starting to take effect, the fact that he still has a slight cold/cough or if he is afraid of the dark (he wants the light on when I go in to him, and is not willing for me to leave him). This mornig we tried taking him into bed with us, which we never normally do, but he just started messing around and wanting to play! He has been such a good sleeper for the last year that this is a bit of a shock to the system! We used to have a lot of problems with him waking when he was younger but he seemed to just grow out of it and suddenly starting sleeping through.

I am 3 months pregnant and really don't want this waking to become a regular pattern, as I am exhausted at the best of times at the moment. We were also about to move him into a new bedroom and a bed instead of a cot in the next few weeks, but now feel that we can't!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

FeatheredHeart Mon 05-Oct-09 23:22:51

Ours 2.5yo does this sometimes. I get a sense with ours it may be associated with change / uncertainty. Leaving the hall light on seems to make a difference, or you may prefer a nightlight.

NellyTheElephant Tue 06-Oct-09 10:19:39

My DD1 who had always been a great sleeper (no dummy) also started doing this around 2 - just as I was about to have DD2. I think that at this age they have a strong awareness of change (dummy taken away / new baby etc) and they also start to have nightmares around this age too. DD1 was easily fixed by swapping from blacked out room with door shut to leaving a low nightlight on in the hall with her door open. I'd been really worried about having her door open as I thought that the new baby crying etc would disturb her - but it didn't. DD2 also started to want light on when she got to around 2 even though she hadn't cared about it at all before that. The door thing is important to them too - they always want it open so that they don't feel shut off I think. You could see if the light makes a difference, if you're lucky maybe that's all it is. I would leave the bed for another few weeks until he is settled again - there's no hurry.

Zeeky Wed 07-Oct-09 08:48:38

Thanks for your responses guys.

Last night we left a light on in the hall and left his door partly open. He woke about 10.30pm but went quickly back to sleep onve I went in to him. Then woke about 7am screaming. So not too bad at all, as at least we all got a night's sleep.

Daytime naps are a nightmare though. Yesterday he refused completely to have a nap, despite trying leaving him in his cot screaming, lying on our bed with him etc. He was desperately tired which then turned him into a little monster! He went to bed at night ok though.

Hopefully it is just a phase that he will grow out of...

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