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soooooooooo tired!!

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lilybird Thu 09-Jun-05 09:10:09

my dd (2.3yo) has never been a fantanstic sleeper but recently she has been having what seems to be night terrors,but the last couple of nights she has been crying (whining) all night long, last night was particularly bad, she cried for an hour when i put her into bed, then every couple of hours throughout the night,really don't know what to do, dh says she plays on me as she doesn't do it for him for when he puts her to bed. to put it mildly our house is not a happy home this morning!!

fisil Thu 09-Jun-05 09:25:08

when ds1 suddenly stopped being a brilliant sleeper briefly at Christmas (around the time of his 2nd birthday), we tried loads of things to sort it out. In the end my hv said to just ignore him and to use ear plugs. So the next night when he started whining we put in the ear plugs and slept through it. We did it two nights running, and he's been an excellent sleeper since!

lilybird Thu 09-Jun-05 09:34:52

does his crying not get even worse?
i have tried to leave her when i just can't calm her down and she loses the plot and starts thrashing around.
earplugs seem worth a try!

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