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How to get a 9.5mth old back to sleeping through after a fever

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JezzaJ9 Sun 04-Oct-09 18:04:01

My DS has had a fever, conjunctivitus and other issues not to serious but enough to have calpol to cool him down. He has recently started nursery as I am back to work part time so I am assuming this where he has picked everything up from.

After being pretty good at sleeping from 7pm to 5/6am he now is waking at least once a night between midnight a 3am and taking about an hour to get back to sleep. He is screaming the place down if we leave him in his cot and taking at least 45mins to be rocked or held close to sleep, this has been going on for 7 days now, not sure what to do, its not food he wants he is a great eater. I do offer water when he wakes and a cuddle but its killing us getting up for work....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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