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3 year olds dreaming and shouting out in sleep waking me up all night, any advice?

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Monroe Sun 04-Oct-09 12:05:28

My DS who turned 3 in August has always been a relatively good sleeper bar teething and illness and settles for bed with no trouble at all every night. The problem we are having is that for the past few months his dreaming has appears to have become more vivid and he has become a lot more vocal in the night.
He has had night terrors in the past but these don't appear to be as severe however he will cry and shout out regularly, quite often things like "no I don't want to" or "I don't want to go there". Sometimes he settles himself but more often than not I have to go in and shush him. He never appears distressed by these and he will happily roll over and go straight back to sleep and rarely remembers anything in the morning, however I am getting more and more sleep deprived!
I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with all that goes with that and getting up 4 or 5 times a night is not helping me function through the day. (Found a just purchased pack of cheese in the cutlery draw last week!)
Does anyone have any experience of this or advice? Any comments greatly appreciated!

elmotaughtddtousethepotty Sun 25-Oct-09 16:15:17

hello, no advice i'm afraid but watching with interest and hope someone else has some ideas because we have same situation with 2.5 year old. its exhausting. think its because they're just 'learning' to dream and find it disturbing. but its bloody knackering for us. i'm desperate to know how long this phase will last.

eggshapedbanana Sun 25-Oct-09 16:53:14

I don't want to disappoint you as maybe there is a solution out there, but my ds is 12 and still does this virtually every night. He is a happy child, mainly, and doesn't remember these dreams the next day. I don't go into him and just leave him to settle himself, as indeed I have done for many years now. It seems to be just one of those things. We have a joke with him about it now, the only thing is that I have to remember to tell parents when he is on a sleepover as they can often think he is distressed during the night, which he isn't, as I say, he never remembers it. It just seems to be his consciousness working overtime. Sorry if this isn't much help.

elmotaughtddtousethepotty Sun 25-Oct-09 17:49:06

argh! mildly depressing. but thankyou very much anyway. at least it points towards just ignoring it... have been at a loss what to do - go in and reassure her, works till the next sleep cycle when she does it again. ignoring her sometimes works and she self-settles, sometimes doesn't. and so on. think we'll aim to try ignore it on the whole unless she actively wakes up fully and gets out of bed. she, like your ds, is a very happy little thing and doesn't seem distressed by them the next day (although is tired).thanks for posting. really appreciate it.

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