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I've ditched the dummy last night.....wooweeeee! D2 11 months.

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hayleybop Sat 03-Oct-09 20:18:55

Just telling everyone who is interested that I ditched the dummy last night...bit of a sleepless night but isnt everynight! Bring on tonight...She settled well tonight without boob or dummy...
she is 11 months...Also did naps without them today which were a little bit harder but with success. She slept longer with her naps, two naps for over a hour each!!...

DLI Sat 03-Oct-09 21:20:42

well done, hope it goes well,

MunkiMom Sat 10-Oct-09 09:57:18

Hiya, I'm interested to know how it's been going for you and the little one without the dummy since the first day/night's try. My 12month DS takes the dummy (which is new for me as my 3yr old DS never had interest.) DS2 seems to well & truly yearn for it.

And I have a friend whos 3.4 year old still uses the dummy even while out and about on the streets, etc. This isn't me "knocking" any other parents who allow it because i know what may work for some,and all that. But for me personally, i just don't like how it looks for my child and i'm interested in how you went about taking it off yours...


hayleybop Sat 10-Oct-09 20:17:31

Well not good to be honest, the next day she was really ill with a temperature and I was up all night so guessed it was teething so I popped it back in, going to do it again in a few days when I've had some good night sleeps, my Dd1 is also teething so up for both of them. DD1 never had one also. Personally I hate the things and wish I never let her use it....
Dont despair though it was easy the night I tryed it....well I was up alot but she settled without it, think it will take a few nights of this but I am willing to do this rather than have a dummy till she is 3. She only has it for naps and bedtime. I dont let them leave the cot!

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