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Toddler nap - rest in room?

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Loulou000 Thu 01-Oct-09 13:24:35

Hi there. My nearly 3 year old won't nap in the daytime any more, which I guess is normal! Does anyone else still put them in their room for a quiet play? I'm not sure if this is OK... but my 1 yr old naps after lunch and this is literally the only time I have to myself to pay bills, post on Mumsnet or do a bit of cooking... let alone have a rest.

Complicated by the fact that she's not dry at night and so I still put her in a nappy even though I know the chances of her actually going to sleep are about 1%. She's been doing really well at using the loo and I don't want to confuse her. Argh!

PleaseDontCallMeHunOrHugMe Thu 01-Oct-09 22:30:39

I wouldn't put her in her room.

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 01-Oct-09 22:33:49

Gosh you're very lucky that she's continued napping this long. My dd stopped before she turned 2 (and has never slept long at night either).

I wouldn't put her in her room, but would use the time for giving her some 1-1 attention, without her feeling that she always has to share you with her sibling.
(or sit her in front of the tv on days when you really need a rest!)

ches Fri 02-Oct-09 01:53:41

I disagree. "You" time is important and if she's happy to have an hour of quiet time in her room, where's the harm? I think it will benefit her to have the time for independent play and she'll learn how to amuse herself quietly. Put a potty in there with her or be prepared to change the odd wet sheet.

Loulou000 Fri 02-Oct-09 09:30:46

It's so hard to juggle everyone's needs. It would definitely make sense to have some 1-1 time with her. And perhaps we can work on her learning to amuse herself while mummy does a few things, without shutting her away upstairs!

Elk Fri 02-Oct-09 09:48:48

My dd2 (nearly 4) has her afternoon nap on the sofa next to me. I put on cbeebies/DVD, cover her with a blanket and most afternoons she goes to sleep for an hour or so.She has been going this since she came out of her cot 2 years ago.

ramblingmum Fri 02-Oct-09 12:57:02

My dd1 has just turned 3 and generally stopped napping. She still goes to her cot (waiting for builders to finish so space for bed) with the side down for half an hour for "quite time". She can take toys or books if she wants. After if she is still awake she comes down to watch half an hour of cbeebies.
I feel that I need the break and some times she does fall asleep.I think the break is good for both of us and we get on better in the afternoon.
Like your dd she is still in nappies at night, but I don't put her in a nappy in the day, there is a potty in the room and a waterproof sheet on the cot.

Loulou000 Sat 03-Oct-09 20:07:14

Over the last few days I've tried making the most of the time when DS naps after lunch to play with DD AND get a few things done, and is working so far! She's going to sleep in the evening much better now so dropping the nap is probably a good thing. Thanks for all replies!

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