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10mo DD is trying to kill me through sleep deprivation

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Yorky Wed 30-Sep-09 08:44:57

She has never been a particularly good sleeper but seems to be getting worse atm
Yesterday I tried to put her down for an afternoon nap about 330-4 which she flatly refused to do, despite cuddling rocking singing back stroking leaving to cry etc
So she was shattered and managed to eat her tea, have a bath and be fast asleep in bed by 615.

Which would have been fine if she hadn't treated that as her afternoon nap, woken at 8 and stayed awake until 11.
She then woke at 130 and 4am, and having no energy or will power I bf her and she settled reasonably quickly each time. And just to add insult to injury, she then slept till 830, despite the fact I had to get up at 7 to watch DS when DH went to work

Its doubly annoying as I'd planned an early night. And DS spent a few nights at GPs during the summer holiday so we could let her cry for longer without disturbing him as they share a room. She seemed to improve for a little then but has been slipping back into her old ways since.

Any suggestions gratefully received as I just don't what to do with her and the times when HV has kept and eye on me for PND are simply when I'm more tired than usual

hayleybop Wed 30-Sep-09 10:20:13

I did start a few days ago trying not to feed mine when she woke up, after an hour of patting, shushing and still no settling i give in and just a couple of minutes feeding...then back in her cot....She slept through on the second night of doing this... She has since woken up again after doing this but I am trying to be consistant but lack of sleep dosnt help...This has helped though as she used to wake up at the same time as yours, now 3 nights running she has woken up at 3am and then woken up at 7.30am which I feel is progress...
The naps are fairly easy as she uses a dummy and has done for a few months...I just put her dummy in take her to her cot and lye her down...before usung a dummy it was awfull, I had to breast feed her to sleep or push around in a pram as she was a fighter of sleep...
I'm sure the late nap that yours had is just a faze and will soon pass, babies can be unpredictical and sometimes throw there routine out of the window....Just go with the flow.
I have a toddler also and I have had PND..I just say to myself she will sleep through one day as everybaby may take a while and some hard work but eventually all the hard work will of payed off.
Some babies sleep from day one but when they are older they may be waking up whilst yours is sleeping brilliantly....

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