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againandagain Wed 30-Sep-09 05:43:31

DP is currently pushing pram around the streets with a very non sleepy 6 week old baby, as i have only had 2 hours sleep since putting her to bed at 8. Sleeping habits have got worse up untill tonight which has been awfull! She isnt hungry and I dont think she is in pain as she isnt crying, more like just shouting! She just doesnt really settle, is fussing and doesnt want to be put down. Swaddling made her worse when we tried it! And to top it all off im so tired I actually cant sleep now!! Ahhhhhh! Any ideas much appreciated xx

CarmenSanDiego Wed 30-Sep-09 05:52:39

First of all, use this time to rest - have a nice bath if you can't sleep. Have a cup of tea or a nice drink.

Some sleep ideas...
* Try playing music to her. Youtube is good for this. Try rock music. My baby loves Kings of Leon - anything with a male voice and a guitar.

* Try a swing. DD2 loved her swing and slept in it very easily.

* Maybe a gym with an arc over the top for her to lie in and stare at. It might keep her occupied for a little while if she doesn't want to sleep and is shouting because she's bored.

Are you co-sleeping? It might be worth a try. Let her lie on top of you for a while so you can both doze?

Just some ideas off my head...

againandagain Wed 30-Sep-09 06:04:07

Thanks carmen. Have co-slept here and there but not to keen on making it a huge habit although i did bring her in to our room at 4 this morning and would of been fine if she wanted to sleep there! Am def going to try putting the radio on or something for her tomorrow. She has a mobile but the tune it plays makes me want to pull my teeth out so i dont turn it in when im stressed!! Do have playmat with the arches that i might try and she also loves looking at lights so i may buy her one of them dreamshow things. thanks for your help again! x

CarmenSanDiego Wed 30-Sep-09 06:07:02

Poor you. It's awful trying to cope or think straight when you're sleep deprived. Sounds like you've got some good strategies lined up! Hope you manage to get some rest

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