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End of a toddling tether

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sophus Tue 29-Sep-09 22:17:45

i am at the end of my tether or else it went floating past several days ago. My 2 year old has always been perfect about going to bed, then about a month ago a thunder clap woke him just as he was falling asleep. Since then it has taken me up to an hour and a half to get him to sleep, either sitting with him or letting him yell for a bit then going back in. i am so used to having my evenings to myself and suddenly that is gone. obviously in the beginning he was scared and so i comforted him, now he just wants the comfort. Doesnt matter how tough or how nice i am - nothing works. i sometimes feel as if i am going mad. He then wakes in the night and starts yelling because i am not there. Until a month ago he was sleeping through really well and i was finally getting my nights back. This is hell and nothing is working and nothing is getting better and i really just dont know what to do.

ches Wed 30-Sep-09 02:40:21

Is he getting his molars? We are having a really unsettled time right now with those. DS was up for 2 hours last night, and that WITH calprofen.

sophus Thu 01-Oct-09 10:05:04

babysitter put him to bed last night and he went straight to sleep without a problem. Diagnosis = cheeky monkey. Time for mummy to get no-nonsense on him i feel.

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