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2.9 year old getting up at night.... what to do??

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bluemousemummy Tue 29-Sep-09 21:54:26

Help please! Ds1 was sleeping fine in a bed but has started getting up in the night. Not crying or upset, just persistent. Wants to get into bed with us, which would be fine if he went to sleep but he won't - just fidgets and fusses. Have asked him what's wrong but he just comes up with various excuses - wants a drink, wants the potty, wants to watch telly hmm etc... it has got to the point now where he is waking ds2 (7 months) up and it's starting to really get me down. Am ashamed to admit that I wedged his door shut in the end last night, which is a solution of sorts but far from ideal! (He wasn't traumatised incidentally, just a bit cross.)

Have tried cutting down his daytime sleep and cutting it out completely, he gets loads of exercise and fresh air and is eating fine. What do I do????? Any tips???

mamaloco Thu 01-Oct-09 15:58:13

walk him back to is bed murmuring "it is night time, you should be in your bed". (no lights on it breaks the sleep pattern, very dim night light is OK), second time "go to bed" third time no talking at all, walk him back till he stays. if you speack to him and ask question he is getting what he wants: attention, he will get bored of walking back and forth with no talking.
He might try a few nights, but will stay in bed after that. Never put hime to bed with you unless nightmare or sick, it has to be for special occasions.
It worked for us she tried twice once getting out of her cot a before 2 and once at 3 when we put her in a bed, worked both time.

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