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2.5 yr old terrified going to sleep

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mellymole Mon 28-Sep-09 20:31:09

Hi, does anybody have any experience of this. My ds is 2.5 and over the last month, since stormy weather one night, has become terrified of 'noises'. We've tried so hard to reassure him, but its becoming problematic. He used to be a fantastic sleeper, no probs going to bed, but now the poor thing is terrified, saying his bedroom is 'naughty' and 'noisy' (it's not). he hides under the covers, gets far too hot and then is in a terrible sweat by the time he falls asleep. he eventually goes to sleep with one of us there or nearby and then wakes about 2am and comes into our bed. we are both working full time and are so shattered, we don't mind this.

I feel sure he's not playing us up. I am worried because I suffered terribly as a child from night fears and am afraid he's going down my route? Or am I just being silly?

Has anybody else experienced this? Is it normal?


Anjelika Tue 29-Sep-09 13:45:09

Hi mellymole

We had similar problems a few months ago at the same age, although DS could never tell us what it was he was frightened of - he just wanted one of us to sleep on the floor in his room and would scream for ages if we didn't comply.

For us, a change of scene (going on holiday) broke the pattern. Since we've been home I've been leaving a light on in his room all night and this seems to calm him down.

Good luck. I also spoke to a Health Visitor, who was really helpful. Maybe that's an option?

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