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nappy leaks at night - recommendations please

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clubfoot Sun 27-Sep-09 21:00:21

My 6 month old would sleep longer if his nappy was more absorbent. It is sodden and leaks at about 4am. Any recommendations for a super absorbent nappy please........


choufleur Sun 27-Sep-09 21:02:54

disposable or re-useable?

onepieceoflollipop Sun 27-Sep-09 21:04:34

If disposable then put a wrap over the top (i.e. the type you use with a reusable)

Try a larger size than he wears during the day.

If using reusables and he is a "heavy wetter" then his bum will look huge potentially with added boosters etc.

iwantitnow Sun 27-Sep-09 21:17:25

Always found Pampers Baby Dry the best at night - go up a size often works

Pipnik Tue 29-Sep-09 22:27:28

We found pull ups seemed to leak less than ordinary disposables.

Starshinetiger Wed 30-Sep-09 21:31:55

I think it depends on the baby - for DS (who would wet through up to twice a night until he was about 6 months old) we found Tesco's own brand the best. For DD have found Pampers Baby Dry to be the best (although she has only wet through on a couple of occasions), but when she did, we just moved up a size, although she was still within the weight range on the packet, but she is a long baby.

sophus Thu 01-Oct-09 10:08:06

Go up a size and put a shaped male incontinence pad in. Works like a dream.

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