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Just a phase? Need advice. . .

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captaincogsworth Thu 24-Sep-09 21:14:18

My 16 mo has an afternoon nap and has slept through the night fairly reliably. She had her jabs three weeks ago and has been waking up nearly every night at least once or twice - last night was a nightmare - every 30 minutes or so from around 1am until 5.30am. Is this the reaction to the injections or have I dealt with it badly and got her into a rut? I usually replace dummy, change nappy if she wakes two or three times and give calpol only as a last resort cos I don't want her to get reliant on it.

Sorry it's long and waffly but I am sleep deprived today and really should be in bed!!!

preggersplayspop Thu 24-Sep-09 21:36:55

She's not teething is she? My DS went through a terrible phase of waking when his canines were coming through, and it went on for a looooooong time before the teeth actually popped through.

I wouldn't have thought the jabs would cause problems ongoing for this long.

captaincogsworth Sun 27-Sep-09 14:52:46

I did think about teething - she hasn't been 'chamming' on her dummy which is what I usually look out for but has been sticking her hand in her mouth which a friend said is an indication of teething or maybe a sore throat.
Guess it's calpol time!

It tricky as she is always so smily and happy - it would be much easier (to spot teething/pain) if she was miserable!!!


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