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Wow! Babyjeffily fast asleep in cot, without a peep. Yay! There is light at the end of the tunnel...

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jeffily Thu 24-Sep-09 18:55:10

Sorry to show off, but I just had to tell someone and DH is away...

Oh, it has been hard getting DD (6 months) to sleep at night and we have been through some really tough periods of screaming for hours/refusing to go to bed unless I also go to bed (not great for your social life to go to bed at 6.30grin)/sleep regressions. I found the screaming particularly hard and DH was starting to say that we were going to have to think about CC- which I was dead against and you lovely people on here backed me up on (three cheers for you!). So after lots of soul searching and some great advice on here, and I have to say reading NCSS (a whole other post of course, but it did help me to think about what might be hindering sleep) we now have a very clear bedtime routine, a loose nap routine in the day, and clear times for food. It has been improving gradually, but tonight!!!! We had bath, massage, quiet play, feed on the bed, three stories, then into cot, kiss on the head, big yawn... I left her to go and put dinner on, just went back and checked and she is fast asleep! grin grin

She has never slept through though, and I am sure that she will be up at least 2x in the night hmm, but I am still so pleased that evenings are no longer the stress inducing nightmare of tears (hers and mine) that they used to be!

Now I need to hope that I am not back tomorrow bemoaning the new going to bed regression... wink

logrrl Thu 24-Sep-09 20:48:37


pippel Thu 24-Sep-09 20:53:00

ncss is great!

good on you and your dd grin

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