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HOW to get back on track (in cot) after illness = co-sleeping?

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duedec2 Thu 24-Sep-09 03:57:36

I was just about to get (a little bit) tough with my 10-month-old DS, who wakes at least a couple of times in the night for comfort, when he got a bad cough and a probable ear infection (for which he's on antibiotics). So I went on comforting him. Couple of nights ago he wouldn't go back to sleep after his customary shush and cuddle (I know, that's why he wakes usually) so after an hour and a half of trying I plonked him on our bed ... he went straight to sleep and slept all night.
I know how natural and lovely co-sleeping is but we had a spell of this before and he would wake in the early evening wanting company in bed; anyway, we don't want to make it permanent. About a month ago he moved out of a cot attached to our bed into a cot in the next-door room. I want to get him sleeping there, through the night, when he's better. HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT without making him too miserable? ANY IDEAS? Thank you!

SofiaAmes Thu 24-Sep-09 07:05:38

I co-slept with my ds until 6 months and then did cc and put him in his own bed, own room. However, I found that every time he got a cold we had to redo the cc. He got a lot of colds so we did a lot of redoing. I was still bfing him at bedtime (until 13 mo), so I found that it was helpful to have dh put him down rather than bf him to sleep (so he didn't rely on that for falling asleep). The hardest part was figuring out when he was recovered enough from his cold for me to be "tough" again. If he had something that was likely to wake him up like a cough, stuffy nose, or ear infection, then I kept him with us. The good news is that he was much better by 12 months and now ds is almost 9 years old and is the most fantastic sleeper on the planet. He sleeps through the night and if tired will fall asleep regardless of the noise in the room. In fact he is such a heavy sleeper that he has fallen out of the top of a bunk bed onto a tile floor (faulty guard in hotel room) and never even woke up.

duedec2 Fri 25-Sep-09 16:11:22

thank you, sofiaAmes. After two nights of having him in my bed, I took my mother's advice, put a mattress next to his cot and slept next to him. He only woke once and rather than picking him up I sang - worked a treat. Also put him down awake and sang until he slept (normally I rock) - took 5 mins. I doubt this will get him sleeping through but at least it will get him through his illness. Actually he seems better but I'll get him used to his cot again and then see ...Very nice to hear that yr little boy is now such a good sleeper. You must've laughed once you saw he was ok after bunk bed fall...

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