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sounds silly but how can i get my 10 month old to lie down?!!

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billysmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 16:24:25

my ds is 10 months old and since he has discovered how to pull himself up about a month ago he will not lay down in his cot no matter how exhausted he is! will he get bored and grow out of it or does anyone have any tips on how i can encourage him not to stand up in his cot all the time? bed times are becoming such a hassle!

starlover Mon 06-Jun-05 16:24:51

put him in a grobag?

billysmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 16:26:20

this does work!! but am worried now the weather is (supposedly) getting warmer that he will overheat!

jessicasmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 16:27:17

gro bag and only a nappy solves that problem.... jess is 10 months too but cant pull herself up in the cot because she is in her gro-bag!!!

dinosaur Mon 06-Jun-05 16:27:18

I get this too with DS3 (also 10 months). Dr Tanya (the one from The House of Tiny Tearaways) recommends that you keep gently lying them down again. Don't talk or make eye contact, just keep doing it each time he gets up.

I've been doing it for a couple of weeks with DS3 and he is slowly getting better. He will now go down at about 7.30 p.m. with only one or two "resurrections"!

p.s. grobag didn't stop him!

starlover Mon 06-Jun-05 16:27:33

i don't use one myself... but i think you can get summerweight ones which are about 0.5 tog?

TrophyWife Mon 06-Jun-05 16:27:40

go with the grobag...

billysmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 16:30:13

will keep an eye out for lighter weight gro bags didnt realise they existed thank you!!

for now will put him down in just nappy and gro bag when its warm wish me luck! thank you!

lunarx Wed 15-Jun-05 09:53:09

i dont want to discourage you billysmummy at all, but my ds could stand in his grobag.. but grobags are great none the less.

ditto to what dinosaur said about just going in, laying him back down, no talking, no cuddles...

hang in there!!

bandbsmum Wed 15-Jun-05 10:44:12

Have a look on ebaby for a summer weight grobag, they're a lot cheaper on there.

bambino1 Wed 15-Jun-05 16:25:22

My dd has a set bed time of 8pm if still awake after her last bottle she goes into her cot with her musical light show on. She screams standing up over side of cot for a bit and then will sometimes fall asleep sitting up or will lye down when exhauseted. Do just hang in there. He will learn that his cot is for sleeping.

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