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Help needed with daytime naps

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lupinjess Mon 06-Jun-05 11:03:57

I have posted about this problem before, but i'm not getting anywhere so am looking for further help!

DD is nearly 9 months. Her daytime naps have become a real battle. As soon as i leave her she sits up in her cot and screams (I mean really screams).

Previous advice was to just leave her to it so I have tried this. I do feel a bit nervous though as she gets so upset and shows no sign of settling even after 10 or 15 minutes.

I don't want her cot to become a place that she hates, because she's very good at bedtime.

has anyone tried to just leave them when they are really upset???

Fisha Mon 06-Jun-05 19:50:22

Leaving them never worked for me, I just ended up with a hysterical and overtired baby. What worked for us was having a routine for nap time as much as for bed time. When my DD shows signs of being tired (about 3-4 hours after she got up)we put her toys away, telling hre its time for a nap, then read a story with her in her grobag then put her down. Took about 2 weeks and 30 mins of moaning the first time but she's now pretty good although we still have off days. Knowing what was coming and being ready for a nap seemed the key for her. Good luck!

Kidstrack2 Mon 06-Jun-05 20:46:03

My dd has just turned 2 and has 2hours in the afternoon. My ds however was a real battler (he is now 6) at sleeping during daytime from about ten months, he wouldn't settle in his cot during daytime but was fine at bedtime, I ended up doing as my MIL suggested would you beleive, of putting ds in his pram after his lunch and sitting it out the back door, it worked a treat and he done this until he was 18months when he cut out his afternoon naps. He would look at the sky, the birds and we had trees at the time so I think they lulled him to sleep.

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