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How to settle an 8wo at bedtime / naps

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titfertat Mon 21-Sep-09 13:21:16

DD2 is 8 weeks old. During the night she wakes approx every 2-3 hours for a feed, then I put her straight back in her moses basket afterwards (sometimes asleep, sometimes awake) and she settles no problem.

However the start of the night is totally different - I just can't get her to settle. The only way I eventually manage is by waiting until she's fast asleep in my arms then putting her down without waking her up, which isn't easy - and last night didn't work until 1am!

I don't really put her down much in the day as she just cries if I do, so she spends the whole time being held, or out in the sling or pram. That's not such a problem but bedtime's really hard work. Any suggestions?

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