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14month old refusing to sleep

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spambolina Mon 21-Sep-09 10:45:02

I have a 14month old daughter, who up to 9 months was a terrible sleeper.....then we had 4 months of OK sleep- at least we managed to get some full nights in there!! She has always had a couple of bad nights a week when she has been over excited, overtired.

However we are now into the 4th week of crazy sleeping and waking. She goes to bed fine, but then between the hours of 1-2am will wake and not be able to settle again, taking 2-3 hours to get her back off again. `There is no change in routine, no pain, no sign of molars - I have tried giving her Calpol and it makes no difference, tried bringing her into bed which she thinks is brilliant fun....bouncing around like there's no tomorrow.....tried control crying which used to work when she was younger but not this time. I've tried water, milk, cereal, infact there is not much I haven't tried.

Anyone having the same problems?

Think I am going a little crazy with lack of sleep.

CaresMildly Wed 23-Sep-09 11:03:05

Hello - I've just posted a v similar message about a 14mo daughter! I should have scrolled through before I started typing.

I have no idea how to get through this - the bouncing around in bed is funny enough to make you cry isn't it!! But good luck and if anyone responds to my post hopefully it will help you too, and if not then at least you are not alone with this.

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