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3 yo DD has started to muck about before going to bed, how do I stop it?

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twinklingfairy Sun 20-Sep-09 16:46:07

She has been ever such a good girl re getting into bed and staying there but recently she is saying that she doesn't want to go to bed and has this excuse and that one until DH and I have to get tough.
She shares with her 10mo brother so we end up hVING TO PUT HER INTO BED AND HISS GOODNIGHT ETC(oops sorry, DD hid the button for a mo)
If she kicks off, we get her out of their pronto and into our room for a grilling then back in when she is calm.

All the tooing and froing is very wearing on my patience when all I want is for her to get to bed and for my good wee girl to return, who didn't cause me any bother at bed time.

I hate sending her to bed with an angry mummy so it takes ages before she and I are happy with the balance.


plimple Sun 20-Sep-09 16:54:26

How about changing the routine slightly? Getting her ready, kisses cuddles, story etc in your room before putting her into her own bed? Or a bit of cheeky chasing/hide and seek after bath and while getting dressed in your room before a quiet story in her own room? e.g. wear her out a bit, but on your terms.
Has she been sharing for long? Can she share bedtime with brother and have bath and story together?

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