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When do one year old's drop daytime naps?

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katherine2008 Thu 17-Sep-09 20:11:15

hi, after a little nap advice! my 12.5 month dd has been a great napper and sleeps from about 9am to 10am and again from 1pm to around 2.30pm. she is at nursery 3 days a week and at home with me 4. She is just starting to play them up at nursery settling for both naps - but possibly as it's noisy. So far, she has been ok at home, but I wondered, generally, when people's bubbas started to drop their naps and which one.. assume the lunchtime one remains? thank you!!!

Columbiancoffee Thu 17-Sep-09 20:24:02

All four ofmine have dropped their morning naps between 10-13monthsbut then slightly increase their afternoon one 12.30-1430 ish. But then when they get to about 18months they;ve all played up wanting to drop the afternoon one - but I persevere and they get back into the habit and keep that nap til their 3-3 and a half!

Good luck. Daytime naps keep me sane!! Hmmm now there's a good nickname! grin

angel1976 Thu 17-Sep-09 20:29:32

Around 13 months, DS started to play up with his morning nap - either screaming his head off or sleeping only for half an hour. You might need a while to do the adjustments from two naps to one though. Your DD won't be able to last till 1pm for her first nap if she is used to having an early morning nap. You will probably spend a few weeks either giving her a really early lunch or some milk so she can go to sleep at 10/11-ish. Then you might find she wants to sleep late afternoon! I usually allow it as long as he did not sleep past 5pm. He finally adjusted to having one sleep and at 19 months, DS goes to sleep just after 1pm and has a nice long sleep of about 2.5 hours (but not in nursery though!).

elliepac Thu 17-Sep-09 20:32:17

DD dropped her morning nap about 14 months. She now, at 19 months, has 2 hours around lunchtime. Will be devastated when they go!

katherine2008 Thu 17-Sep-09 21:22:59

i know, I'm wondering when I'll get my morning jobs done when she does drop that one! so really i should probably let it happen organically, and if she does start to go through in the morning, then do lunch early (we usually eat about 11.45am anyway) and see how we go from there?

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