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Would you keep him home for a nap?

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TS123 Thu 17-Sep-09 12:59:36

DS1 will be 4 in November. He just started morning kindergarten and has been waking earlier than usual in the morning - in anticipation of his day. I have the option of sending him to an afternoon program (separate from school system) but not sure if he can handle it given how early he's waking (between 5:30-6am) and how busy his mornings are. If I keep him home he naps for 1 hour. Not sure whether to 'push him' to adjust. He resists napping and would probably prefer to be out having fun. What would you do?

ChilloHippi Thu 17-Sep-09 14:22:07

I would send him to the afternoon thing. It won't be long before he is doing full school days anyway.

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