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Sleeping just fine...once he gets to sleep...

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turtle23 Tue 15-Sep-09 08:42:31

DS is nearly 18 months and co-sleeps with me. I have been putting him to bed around 7 and (I know some wont agree) generally reading him a story or to in bed then cuddling him to slep. I leave, then creep back in when I go to bed.

This has been fine for a while, but recently it is taking longer and longer to get him to sleep. (he is not napping too long or short in the day) I dont REALLY mind that much, but am expecting DS2 in 10 weeks and may not have the time to lie in bed with DS1 for an hour!!

For the last few nights I have done the evening thing, read his stories, given him a cuddle and explained that it is time for him to go to sleep now, etc. I put him back in bed 197 times over two hours the first night, somewhere over 220 the second night, and last night he was still up at 930 and fell asleep as I was carrying him back to bed after god knows how many times.
Isn't it meant to improve rather than get worse? I'm knackered...I need to have time to do a few things in the evening before I go to bed at 930!!

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