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I cannot get up at 4.30am - has anyone tried CC for a later wake time?

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artichokes Tue 15-Sep-09 05:04:30

And if so did it work?

DD2 is 9 months & I am desperate.

Broms Tue 15-Sep-09 05:59:30

CC never worked for me at that time. DS just seemed too awake.

Wake to sleep works for lots of people - have you tried that?

I have tried lots of other things to no avail I'm afraid so I am probably not the best to suggest anything but ignoring is the other thing I would suggest as your DD might get bored and settle again - that tactic worked for a friend in the long term.

madnotmad Tue 15-Sep-09 06:10:52

I posted exactly that question a while back. Some said they'd tried it and it worked, others said it didn't. I guess it all boils down to your individual situation and baby. Fwiw, I couldn't do it as she cries and screams so loudly she wakes her older sister up then we're all up.

I did it with dd1 at bedtime when she was tiny and have never looked back but these early wakings are a different thing to bedtime.

There is a thread somewhere about waking to sleep. Some people seem to have had a great success with it. Worth a try?

Sorry, I can't do links.

I was up at 4.12 this morning if it's any consolation. sad

We are at the soul destroying stage of trying to get her to wake at exactly the same time for a week or so then try wake to sleep.

She is so bloody unpredictable that we've not been able to work out so far when to set the alarm to try it.

Broms...... morning!

Broms Tue 15-Sep-09 06:18:32

Morning to you too madnotmad!

Artichokes - I hope you can get dd to sleep later soon otherwise you will end up like madnotmad and me! 4.18 today - had set alarm for 3.45am to do sleep to wake - thought that time was sort of in the middle -but ds was awake at 3.20 anyway so didn't see the point! Around 4.20am seems to be taking hold as the new wake up time this month - I give up....

artichokes Wed 16-Sep-09 06:39:10

thaanks both. She woke at 4.40am this morning and I went for the totally ignore approach. She screamed for 30 mind & woke her sister (bad) but then conked out & is still asleep (great!). The question is whether I can bear to repeat the screamathon morning after morning?

SycamoretreeIsVile Wed 16-Sep-09 06:58:44

Hello OP. You really have my sympathies. I went through this recently but with my 2 years old who is no longer in a cot so controlled crying wasn't even an option as he never cried, he just got out of bed...rapid return at that time in the morning is just not feasible unless you want to sent yourself to the mad house and the rest of the house mad with sleep deprivation.

We tried wake to sleep and it did work. But ultimately he just broke his own habit after about 5 weeks.

He's now waking near to 7pm most days, apart from yesterday and today of course, which was 6am hmm

Really good luck. In your shoes I would CC I think, for a week and see. I did that with DD when she was waking at 5am (long time ago now) and she would cry for a bit, then just sort of protest a bit, but was often back to sleep within 20 mins to half and hour of waking.

You know the drill with CC. In, no eye contact, shush shuh, pat/stroke and out. First at short intervals, then at longer ones, but most people agree not more than 10/15 mins without going in.

Dr Tanya Byron has helpful nice things to say about CC in the right way smile

SycamoretreeIsVile Wed 16-Sep-09 07:02:43

Oh, didn't see your last post OP - that's great news!

You will just have to tough it out now you've embarked on that road - stay strong! I think it's only unfair if you break the rules with CC so a baby thinks if it cries forever you will actually get it up and out of bed rather than just going in to reassure.

I bet you any money you will not have to do more than 5 days...

She's just obviously coming into a light sleep at this time and is now learning how to roll over and snooze again, like the rest of us wink

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