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Can we have th same sleep clocks yet?

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againandagain Sun 13-Sep-09 18:43:39

My 4 week old, bottle fed baby is not a terrible sleeper but I wonder if with your help I could make it better?

She doesnt really fall asleep on her own. Last night I made an effort to let her fall asleep in her basket every time after night feeds. problem is it takes around an hour to get her to fall asleep? Will this get quicker, If I rock her to sllep sometimed I fall asleep with her in my arms and im worried this is dangerous.

Also at the moment she goes to bed around 9.30, falls asleep at around 10.30 wakes for feeding every 4 hours or so but seems to sleep deapest and longest after around 6 or 7 in the morning and can sleep till around 10.30am. If i put her to bed earlier do you think she would sleep longer and deaper and maybe wake up for the day around 8.30. I would love this as I am naturaly an early to bed, early to get up type of person and also I would love to have my evenings back with my DP!

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated xx

PS people who have read my other post may understand why I sould a bit of a baby dummy!

foxinsocks Sun 13-Sep-09 18:47:18

you're not a baby dummy just a new parent.

I am an early to bed, early riser too and believe me, it will come in handy later on grin

for the time being, the baby is too little to have times dictated to her. I found at about 4 months (sort of 12-16 weeks), really when you start taking them out a bit more and they become a lot more alert, they naturally start getting a bit more tired in the evening and start waking up earlier!

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