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These very early mornings - how do you spend them?

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Broms Sun 13-Sep-09 06:11:39

I have decided there is nothing I can do to stop these early mornings - 4.15am to 5am every day - it has been going on for well over a year and its getting worse - am beyone despair but I would love to know how others in the same boat spend their early mornings - I often feel so fed up I just drink tea on the sofa and stick the tv on and half heartedly play with ds worrying how I am going to get through the day with him. I've got to get out of the rut as its getting me really down - dh never here to help with mornings so its not like I ever get a break from them either - maybe one a week at the weekends - please help need motivation to change.

stoppinattwo Sun 13-Sep-09 06:14:58

Morning Brom, big hug to you smile..

How old is your DS, and is their any chance you could ignore him for a little while when he wakes up iykwim, put a few selective toys in him room to play with when he wakes up?

PfftTheMagicDragon Sun 13-Sep-09 06:17:23


DD has been waking between 4 and 5 for the last 7 days. Nothing compared to your year of course but it makes me worry that it's not a phase.

DH gets up with her for an hour then comes back to bed and we swap. I confess that neither of us have the motivation to do anything more than watch tv/stare in a zombie like manner at the walls....

stoppinattwo Sun 13-Sep-09 06:17:47

My DS was VERY similar to yours btw I used to bring my quilt down to the settee and snuggle down on their after removing anything potentially breakable/ harmful and then would leave him to it grin....he was 2 at the time, i only ever dozed but it was enough, sometimes he would even get in with me and go back to sleep grin

stoppinattwo Sun 13-Sep-09 06:19:40

I might add that the light mornings havent helped but they are getting darker, that might help convince him to stay in bed.

jooseyfruit Sun 13-Sep-09 06:20:14

i am also nursing a cup of tea whilst lounging on the sofa whilst ds2 (18mo) is watching cbeebies.

what is your ds's nap routine during the day?

sorry you're feeling down, early rising is really tough. hugs to you.

stoppinattwo Sun 13-Sep-09 06:28:38

Morning Jooseyfruit, (your name made me smile) grin..

I sadly dont have any excuse for being up early other than I should be doing some work blush but instaed am mnetting.

My two are still snoring, and this is the only time I get to do any work

stoppinattwo Sun 13-Sep-09 06:28:38

Morning Jooseyfruit, (your name made me smile) grin..

I sadly dont have any excuse for being up early other than I should be doing some work blush but instaed am mnetting.

My two are still snoring, and this is the only time I get to do any work

PfftTheMagicDragon Sun 13-Sep-09 06:28:55

I think it's the 4 that does it. Waking up to the cries and turning over in bed to look at the alarm only to see a 4 in the time. It's a killer.

DD will NOT be put back to sleep. I am hoping it's teeth but it sets you up wrong for the whole day. I find it hard to get motivated and then end up getting ready later than I would normally as brain fatigue has set in by 6:30.

Maybe we should try doing something in those wee hours?

jooseyfruit Sun 13-Sep-09 06:39:00

morning stoppin!

I've also done the securing the area and dozing on the sofa under my fluffy blanket thing too, even if you only doze lightly, you do feel a wee bit better.

I really will not leap around entertaining him at stupid o'clock in the morning, DVD or cbeebies it is I'm afraid.

Broms Sun 13-Sep-09 06:39:15

Thanks everyone! I have tried everything with DS who is now 21mths - milk in the cot, toys in the cot with a light on, music, but he just screams and screams til we get him up - every now and again he makes no noise for 10 or 15 mins but then its full on screaming again - absoultely nothing wrong with him - he just wants me to go in and get him up. He has always been this and I have never managed to break the cycle - he used to be 5.30am but for the last 3 months its got earlier and earlier. I get him up then come downstairs and give him milk and we watch tv and have breakfast over the course of 2/3 hours until we can either head upstairs again at the weekend for a change of scene - I have my DH's 2 other kids at weekend so don't want to wake them - or I go out with him in the buggy at about 7am but now its getting darker I don't fancy that. He naps btw 40 mins and 2 hours and he goes to bed at 7.30am when he is totally knackered - its a long day and no nap just doesn't work. Its just so boring...........I used to make food for the freezer for him but he's so fussy with food now I have lost motivation on that too! Sorry I am really moaning but DH and I are argue all the time as both fed up with it and it is seeming to have a completely negative effect on family life.

Broms Sun 13-Sep-09 06:41:17

brain muddled already! meant to say 7.30pm not 7.30am for bedtime and he naps anytime from 12pm to 2pm ish.

stoppinattwo Sun 13-Sep-09 07:02:24

I did also go shopping at that time too, although i realise you cant do that every day!! is wonderful a nice empty supermarket, no shoving trollies, I figure, if you have to be up, at least be up doing something useful.

I did my management degree (4 years) whilst DD was going through her first years...I would be up with her at stupid o clock and would do my work, occasionally throwing he bits or paper to eat play with grin

WowOoo Sun 13-Sep-09 07:03:19

This morning I thought I'd do some very easy lying down yoga instead of starting the day at stupid o clock and putting on TV. Ds1 went back to bed...

I should have done the same but I would have woken ds2. So have had some quite me time for a change -reading and breakfast in peace. Nice!

PacificDogwood Sun 13-Sep-09 07:16:27

Broms, early wakening toddlers are just soul destroying, poor you! Do you get a chance to go back to bed later on, just to catch up on some sleep?

How about Sleep Trainer Clocks
waking up to sleep technique? This involves disturbing you child slightly earlier than when they would usually wake up, then allowing them to settle themselves again. The theory behind it is that they will enter a different phase of the sleep cycle and sleep slightly longer.
Also, as they get older personally I have no problem with going in, telling them "it is too early, go back to sleep" and leaving them to yell. I am a cruel mother, I know.

Hope you LO outgrows this stage very soon.

PfftTheMagicDragon Sun 13-Sep-09 07:17:59

I thought about going out to do shopping this morning, but it is Sunday, plus she will fall asleep in the car and then refuse to go down for a nap......


PfftTheMagicDragon Sun 13-Sep-09 07:19:33

I think I might try wake to sleep tomorrow.

oopsacoconut Sun 13-Sep-09 07:22:23

DD get put in her travel cot (she is 1 and very very active) with the cbeebies on quiet. I never put any lights on so we sit in the dark - her in the travel cot with a few toys, non-spill beaker of milk and the telly. me with a snuggly blanket and a cuppa which often goes cold as I dose. No lights on here until it starts getting light outside or 6.30 at the least. She used to protest but not she just accepts this is what is going to happen and just gets on with it!

Broms Sun 13-Sep-09 07:24:57

Thanks Dogwood - I do leave him to scream and scream - on average 45mins each morning -we go in and just say its still "night time lie down" and then leave - I will not get him up til 5.15 - he drives us and the neighbours mad as he is so loud! We have a clock which just overexcites him at the moment and he shouts at it - "on off on off" at bedtime so given up on that for a bit.

I could try wake to sleep again - should I go in at 3.30ish then? Sometimes I kip on the sofa at lunchtime but mainly I just go to bed early - so boring!

bigchris Sun 13-Sep-09 07:28:37

can you nap for two hours when he does?

does he get enough fresh air and running around in the day?

i feel for you, why cant your dh share tge early mornibgs?

Broms Sun 13-Sep-09 07:36:55

DS is really active - we are outside most of the time and he does loads of walking rather than in the buggy - he never sits to watch tv - always on the move. I catch up on sleep a couple of times a week with naps at lunchtime. I know I am just not on form for him like I should be - so sick of the screaming every single morning.

DH travels loads for work and when he is in the country he has jet lag or leaves for work at 5.15am. He does one morning a week mainly Sunday but not this one.....

geordieminx Sun 13-Sep-09 07:47:27

2md the poster who suggested shops.

I'm in Scotland so most of the big supermarkets are 24 hours - ds and I often head out on "missions" - macdonalds for porridge, tescos to play with toys/have a look at stuff thenoff to the park. I always found I was happier if I filled the time rather than just sat round waiting for nap time again?

Although I'm probably a bit of a fraud posting on here as it was 7 when ds got up this morning blush. Its been like this for 3 weeks - before that it was often 5.. although dp and I always took turns.

Another sneeky trick in this house is having 2 browser sessions open on the laptop - MN on 1 side for me, and you tube on the other side for ds so he can watch videos of helicopters/washing machines and fans... his favourite things at the moment hmm

motherbeyond Sun 13-Sep-09 07:49:46

ugh,what a pain.early mornings are the worst.sleep deprivation can affect your mental well-being can't it?
my dd was a rubbish sleeper,she's 3 now and improved (7pm-7am) ds however,i've had to battle with.he did the waking earlier,and earlier thing...but i refuse to get him out.i have had some awful nights..i gaev him milk,but his music box on,and go back to bed...when he's finished the milk..he screams again..after about 10 mins i go in and lie him down and say,night night..and leave sure you've tried all this,but it's eventually paid off for me.

hope it gets better for you..noone told us about the loooong boring days did they?!!

Broms Sun 13-Sep-09 08:00:33

motherbeyond - totally affects your mental well being! unless you have been in it its hard to understand - continous early mornings are awful! You are right though have tried it all - now I just listen to the screaming while slowly going mad - its grating on me more and more.

nothing lasts forever does it so something has to change soon - I hope!

PfftTheMagicDragon Sun 13-Sep-09 08:27:59

What time is your DH getting up if he is leaving for work at 5:15? Could he be disturbing your DS by getting dressed and ready?

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