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9 Mnth old refuses to lay down in the cot at night!!!!

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Nicolaplus1 Sat 12-Sep-09 21:57:34

Up until recently my little girl would go down in the cot at 7.30 pm wide awake and drop off herself to her lullaby.
Since she has mastered the art of standing and pulling herself up all routine has gone out of the window no sooner than i have laid her down she flips round and pulls herself up on the side this goes on and on i have tried leaving her but after so long she cries and it turns into a vicious circle i have resorted to anything... nursing her to sleep and 2nite i have put her in the pram until she was dozey enough to go down in the cot, bedtime has now turned into 9.30 10 o clock!!
Help i would apreciate any advice.

fidelma Sat 12-Sep-09 22:14:26

I would put her in a sleeping bag.Follow her normal routine and go out of the room.Go back in 5 mins without eye contact and lie her down if she is still standing.DO not speak.Be firm but loving.Continue untill she gives up.You will have a tough few nights but you will win in the end.ANd you will all be happier as a result.Good luck smile

mama2leah Sun 13-Sep-09 14:21:21

i had this now 13 and half months, still suffering!

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