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how to make a cot cosier?

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bethdivine Sat 12-Sep-09 20:41:54

DD, 5mo sleeps in a gro-bag. Are there any ways to make her cot cosier rather than her going straight down onto a sheet? we've got flanelette in there, but it's still not that cosy - are there any blanket-y things that are safe for babies to sleep on, given that she's in a gro-bag already, or is it the risk of her over heating even though only her head is on the blanket?

She was a fairly good sleeper (at night at least, would settle herself to sleep, and was only waking once for a feed, then straight back to sleep) until she reached the 4month sleep hell. Now she's dependent on the boob to get to sleep, every time I try and rouse her slightly to put her in the cot she makes the most horrendous noise and wakes everytime I put her back in the cot. I can cope with the middle of the night wakings by co-sleeping, as she settles straight away the minute she's next to me, but I really desperately want her to learn to settle again at bedtime, so she goes down in the cot at the start of the night, giving me a chance of at least an hour to myself in the evening before starting the night shift!

nannynick Sat 12-Sep-09 20:55:25

Flanelette on it's own is fine. Don't use anything else as you have already identified, some other material may cause over heating.

FSID: Safe Sleep for Babies

bethdivine Sat 12-Sep-09 21:11:26

yeah, thought I was clutching at straws really, having been through this once already with DS.thanks.

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