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7.5 month standing up in cot - how long does this last??

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GumtreeGirl Fri 04-Sep-09 09:24:00

My DS has always preferred sleeping on me rather than in his cot for his naps, but after a month of a solid routine where he napped on our bed, we moved to his cot as he was in danger of rolling off our bed.

This worked brilliantly for about a week, then as of two days ago he's worked out how to pull himself up to standing in his cot (he's cruising round the rest of the house, so clearly doesn't think he should stop in the cot).

What should I do? Right now I can hear happy exploratory noises as he does circuits, but the sleep ain't happening, and I know he'll be a grumpy nightmare later.

Is this standing thing a phase? Should I just keep going back in and lying him down until he gets the message? Or rock him to sleep on me? At what point do I shrug and give up on this nap period?

He does sleep well at night - goes down at 8, falls asleep immediately and wakes again at 7am, so for the moment that's fine. But right now he's existing on cat naps of 30 min during the day, usually in the car or buggy, and it's not enough.

Any help, please? The thought of months of this is really depressing. Would it be so bad to cuddle him to sleep on my lap, or would this be creating problems for the future?

Sorry for the long post and loads of questions!


laneyjay Fri 04-Sep-09 10:08:09

My 10 month old does exactly the same, however, when I put her down to sleep in her growbag, she may sit up, but doesn't seem to stand up and soon settles herself back to sleep.

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 04-Sep-09 10:24:54

I don't see how cuddling him to sleep would cause any problems.

newspaperdelivery Fri 04-Sep-09 10:30:41

IME the standing phase lasts until they suss out that a pile of teddies and leg up and over = freedom.
Listen out for a thud and a scampering, thats the sound of freedom.

Probably not what you want to hear, sorry!! smile

It depends on your parenting choices - I have no problem cuddling to sleep. I see it as easy and quick and it gets them sleep and me a little brek. Others feel self soothing is the thing. I think alot depends on the child and their personality - and as this is shifting and developing all the time it's mightly tricky! Go with your nose, you know him and yourself best.

Don't worry about the 'rod for own back' syndrome. Its relative. A rod for my back is hours spent listening to a baby trying to self soothe, that would stress me out. Anothers rod is having to cuddle to sleep......

swings and roundabouts.

De88ie Fri 04-Sep-09 22:48:41

My DS seemed to do this for a couple of weeks, but as long as it's bedtime, within 15-20 minutes, dropped down again and settled himself to sleep. I occaisionally went back into the room and popped him back down to sleep, but didn't spend too long in there.

I believe it is a phase, and i worried loads that he was never going to settle back again, but he seemed to work it out mostly himself. He still stands up now at 15 mths but is normally tired enough that will drop down and go to sleep within 5 mins.

Not much advice i'm afraid but hoping he will settle. Just noticed he has fairly short naps, i think DS was on 2 x 1 hour naps at that point.. in his cot. might be worth trying a longer nap in the day if you can?

GumtreeGirl Sat 05-Sep-09 09:37:25

Thanks for your replies - I love cuddling to sleep, but he won't let me put him down afterwards (his bum radar kicks in as soon as he comes within 10cm of his cot mattress; cue much yelling), so I'm stuck on the sofa for up to an hour and a half. This can be lovely, but not when I have a ton of other stuff to do - up till now I've been happily looking forward to his naps as they're the times I can get other things done.

De88ie - you're right, 30 minutes isn't enough! When he was napping on our bed (and his cot, before he learnt to stand), he would sleep for up to an hour and a half, sometimes 2, which was perfect. The 30 minutes are what he gets out of the cot, and only if we're out and about in the buggy or the car. So not my preference!

Anyway - today I've put him in his grobag for his nap - twice already there's been a thump as he tries to stand and falls over, followed by wailing. But I think he's staying put longer - hopefully it will encourage him not to stand.

newspaperdelivery - toys in bed - we don't have any in there yet with him. And after reading your post, he never will!! He is exactly the type of child who would plan the great escape grin

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