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5.5 month wont lay down!

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brewsterbear Thu 03-Sep-09 12:29:21

I have a 5.5 month old dd and she is fully BF- I have been nursing her to sleep in the night which is fine but lately she has been crying when I try to lay her back down in her cot- I've tried making sure its warm so she doesn't feel the transfer but she knows every time! This has meant about a week of no sleep at all as I am having to keep picking her up.
As much as I would love to co-sleep I cant as our bed would not accommodate us all. Anyone had this problem or have any ideas?


RuthChan Thu 03-Sep-09 20:54:51

I'm sorry to hear about your problem. It's really tough when they won't sleep, isn't it.
Does she have any problem with sicking-up her milk? I wonder whether she might have any reflux or anything? If so, the fact of lying down may mean that acid from her stomach comes up and burns her oesophagus. This would lead to her waking up and screaming as soon as you put her down.
If there's any chance that this is the case, raising the head of her cot may help. (I have always found a pile of phone books good for this)
Otherwise, it's possible that her teeth are on the move and she wants your comfort.

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