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Sleep deprivation makes everything so much more difficult

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JJ1471 Thu 03-Sep-09 03:36:22

My 7 1/2 month old has never slept through the night, not even close. We've had a bedtime routine in place since he was a few weeks old, I don't rock or feed him to sleep. I do still do a night feed because he's not putting on weight that fast. He is up every few hours screaming. Sometimes I can just give him a sip of water or pat his head and he'll go back to sleep, but especially more often lately he won't.

I try leaving him for a couple of minutes to settle himself but for the last couple of months as soon as I leave the room he immediately flips over onto his tummy or sits up and then can't get back to sleep from that position. Most times when he wakes up he's on his tummy. I feel this prevents me from any sort of sleep training because I can't be sure that he's not on his tummy if I leave him and he'll just get more upset. He then starts his day at 5am.

I usually end up taking him into bed with me early in the morning and then we get an hour or so extra sleep. But this isn't the way that I want to go.

I've been referred to the local NHS sleep clinic three times but have yet to hear anything from them. The health visitor support isn't great, I see a different one at clinic each time and they all say different things. I've only seen 'my' health visitor twice and not for about 4 months.

It makes everything so hard and really stops me from enjoying him during the day because we are all so tired and grumpy. My dh and I snap at each other because we've not had a full nights sleep in a long time. I get so jealous of my friends who have babies that sleep for 12 hours, it must look as though we're doing something wrong.

I'm not due back to work until January, but I really thought he'd be sleeping better by now. Even a regular 5-6 hour stretch would be lovely!

Please tell me it gets better? Because I'm really struggling at the moment.

MuffinTopMamma Thu 03-Sep-09 03:47:55

Hi, no real advice at this time in the morning as I am sleep deprived (dd is 6 days old). My ds was a terrible sleeper, he cried a lot at night and I remember thinking like you did about other sleeping babies. When I'm not so tired I will try to think about our solutions but right now please be assured that it does get much better!

TanteRose Thu 03-Sep-09 03:50:08

It gets better smile
Honestly, it does...

But you have to do what you have to do to get some sleep, so I would suggest co-sleeping. It won't last forever, and you can try putting him back in his own bed in a few weeks.
You say that co-sleeping is not the way you want to go, but surely if you can get a bit more sleep, it IS the way to go! (for the moment). Nothing is set in stone.
He is going through HUGE developmental changes, and is probably hungry at night so deffo feed him. The flipping over onto his tummy will be disturbing him, and he might not be able to control as well as he likes, and it will be very frustrating for him.
Don't put "blame" on him or think you are doing things "wrong". Oh, I bet your friends are not telling you can be sure they have awful nights where no-one gets any sleep too!!
The sleep deprivation is a struggle, but humans can survive better than we think on very little sleep...try and roll with it, and before you know it, he will be sleeping for longer smile
good luck! it won't last forever, promise!!

Milsy Fri 04-Sep-09 21:56:23

hey hon. what's your day time nap routine like? The answer might be here.

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