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Please tell me 2.6yo will sleep ok in a static caravan next week...

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MegBusset Wed 02-Sep-09 13:00:47

DS1 (2.6) has just made the transition to a bed at home. He sleeps fine in it but won't let me put him to bed -- I leave him in his room and he puts himself to bed after faffing for a while (we shut the door and there's a stairgate across it too!). He also naps in the bed most days too.

We are staying in a static caravan next week and I am petrified that he is going to refuse to go to sleep in a strange bed and be wandering round at all hours! I'm taking his duvet and pillow for familiarity, and a bed rail, but any other tips? Should I forego his nap and just let him run himself ragged all day?

countrylover Thu 03-Sep-09 14:10:20

Keep to his usual routine as much as you can - don't let him miss his nap otherwise he'll be overtired and more likely to play up at bedtime.

In my experience with DS1 who is now 4, going away somewhere new rarely interferes with his sleep. He may wake a bit earlier than usual but that's about it.

I know exactly what you mean though, when we go away I always worry about his sleep and then end up not getting much myself in expectation of him waking up...which he generally doesn't!

princessdaisyboo Fri 04-Sep-09 13:57:19

we went in a caravan when dd was exactly the same age last year, she slept fine infact better than at home, although i had to lie with her till she was almost asleep then say i was just nipping to the loo or somthing!!

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