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whos finding it difficult to stop breast feeding in the night for 10 month old?

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hayleybop Wed 02-Sep-09 10:52:27

We are so conditioned to feed baby in the night that when my DD2 wakes up I just feed her. Everynight I think right tonight i have to stop feeding to sleep, but I am so tired I just feed her and it takes about 3 mins then we are both back to sleep for another feqw hours....
I did remember one or twicw or maybe three times but became stressed out an unable to settle back to sleep myself for hours...Grrrr.
She started using a dummy about a month ago and that helped a bit but now I'm just getting up to put the dummy back in, guess it's better than my boob.
I was really good with DD1, made sure she went back in the cot with no boob, hushing and patting back worked a treat and a little bit of dummy either..
Just cant be bothered to do it all again...Sure she will grow out of it...
So anyone else experiencing this issue?
I suppose when I stop brestfeeding when she's 1 thats when I can get my act together...I could stop now but she hates formula so was just waiting till she is 1 and I can put her staight on cows milk in a cup and skip the bottle all together.....Has anyone fed in the night when there one and stopped breast feeding and it helped?

TanteRose Thu 03-Sep-09 03:37:32

nowt wrong with feeding her at night - esp. as it only takes 3 minutes and you are both back to sleep for a few hours. Bliss!
Why are you worrying? Your other DD wasn't being "good", she was just different. Your DD2 is not "bad" for feeding back to sleep, and no, a dummy is NOT better than your boob. It is an inanimate piece of plastic...
Why are you stopping breasfeeding when she is one? Back to work? Or just because everyone says you have to/expects you to?
If you are happy (i.e. you and DD) then just carry
Its really not all that

clemette Thu 03-Sep-09 04:52:19

I stopped feeding ds when he was 15 months - he still wakes as often as he did but now it takes longer to settle him!
I know it is exhausting but he is still very small and this is what he needs for now. Don't beat yourself up, you have a different type of baby this time is all!

ches Thu 03-Sep-09 05:16:30

Yep, not feeding to sleep made no difference to night waking with my DS, too.

hayleybop Thu 03-Sep-09 14:56:47

I just want to stop breadt feeding because I hate my boobs being so big, they get in the way, they used to be a B cup now they are a DD....Makes me feel frumpy..
Yeah I dont like the dummy either, need to get rid of it tonight...
Thanks for you advice.

clemette Thu 03-Sep-09 16:15:21

Is it the sleeplessness or the body issues that are bothering you most? The first I can completely understand but the second...

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