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sleep for 4 month old in the day with toddler around?

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JennyPenny22 Tue 01-Sep-09 12:02:53

I am really struggling to find a stress free solution to sleep here! DD2 is 4 months and could do with 2-3 naps in the day but isn't really getting much sleep at all in the day with DD1 (20 months) around. At night she is a great sleeper but I think that is because DD1 goes to bed earlier than her so she gets our attention and peace and quiet!

Don't really know what else to do. She used to sleep in her boucy chair but is getting too big for it, and DD1 just wakes her up.

I want to get her to start sleeping upstairs in her crib or cotbed really. BUT if I put her in there, she just cries. And I have DD1 around so can't just go and spend 20 mins getting DD2 to sleep.

What does everybody else with a small age gap do?

colditz Tue 01-Sep-09 12:04:22

Pram. Put her in the pram and take them out for a walk.

JennyPenny22 Tue 01-Sep-09 12:33:51

Yer we have done this sometimes. But really, it clashes then with DD1 as it takes a fair amount of time to get DD2 to sleep so DD1 then ends up spending most of her awake time in the buggy so she gets very fed up. Maybe I will do that this afternoon though to give it another go. DD2 isn't really a fan of the pram in general though. Even as a newborn she would be very happy in her chair but as soon as you put her in the pram she would cry.

When DD1 goes for her nap I am going to attempt to get DD2 down for a nap upstairs. But TBH I can see it just waking DD1 up.

phdlife Tue 01-Sep-09 13:00:52

I have 24m between my two and dd is 19 weeks now so similar situation.

Morning naps she likes to feed to sleep while ds is watching Play School, then goes in the pram or the cot. (She will sometimes just fall asleep herself - this morning she conked out on my bed while we were faffing around in the bathroom.)

The big nap in the middle of the day, I try to all do together on my bed. Dd watches while I read to ds, or if she's feeling frisky she goes in her cot which has playthings and is at the end of our bed. By the time he's gone off (which requires 3 stories, a chat, a chase hmm and finally some effort on his part) she is often asleep, on her way, or ready to feed to sleep. I bring her up and lie down between them, they both snuggle up and if I'm lucky I get a snooze too!

Afternoon naps she tends to just conk out where she falls - pram (indoors - I use it to take her around with me), playmat, daybed. And again - the afternoon round of PlaySchool is helpful here. (This sounds dreadful but ds usually only watches those two half-hour shows a day!) If I see her going I try to get ds out of the way for a bit - we go hang laundry out, explore the front yard or go do chores at the opposite end of the house from wherever dd's sleeping. It doesn't always work though as ds loooooves dd and will seize any chance to moon over her asleep, inevitably waking her!

hope that gives you some ideas...

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